what in the world can i do

So I was chatting to a couple of friends and friends of friends and I happen to mention my CD collection. As a fanboy I generally talk, in mind numbing detail, about music, mainly to an audience of yawning disinterested adults. This time however was different, among the chat of organisational theory (alphabetical v genre) I happen to mention that my music collection (CDs, albums, downloads) had just ticked over the 3000 number. A few of the men at the party congratulated me on this fantastic milestone. However, all of the women reacted quite negatively. The key comment being, ‘how can you have listened to them all’. This is a fair comment, I suppose. But I argued that having listened to music for 30 odd years I could indeed have listened to them all, maybe not all on CD, but on other formats.
This idea of owning stuff that would never be used gnawed away at me for days after. So to cut the chase, the idea of the blog came about. 3000 albums in 3000 days.


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