Black and White – The Stranglers

I suppose I have struggled a bit thinking what the first album should be. After thumbing through my CDs, then ipod it was obvious. The first entry has to be the first album I bought.
I thought, quite natively that I would be able to convene in my music room attic, man cave to listen. However, this was not to be. This was how it turned out: 2 tracks in the car on the way to Sainsburys, one track on ipod while shopping, one track while burning toast. The rest, basically the black side was heard while watching Spirited Away with my daughter. Curfew works as a great background, Threatened is even better, I may have experiment more with this. After 30 years of listening to this album I really struggle to find anything meaningful to say, other than it is glorious and everyone should own it.


4 thoughts on “Black and White – The Stranglers

  1. There’s not one weak track on this album,Ii remember seeing The Stranglers performing Curfew live late on a friday night on some Tyne-Tees show and instantly liked it!!

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