Yellow House – Grizzly Bear

I like it when bands put down their basses and pick up flutes. Unfortunately it could end up sounding like ELO, or the Bonzo Doo Da I can’t be bothered to google the correct name Dog band. And then sometimes it ends up sounding like Grizzly Bear. Everyone reading this should go to whatever legal downloading music site you use and buy a copy of Central and Remote. This is the track of the album, is it Folk, Indie, jazz? It certainly has little to do with Rock music, in the sense that most of us perceive of what Rock music is. Some of the other tracks follow a more regular pattern, the wonderful On a Neck, On a Spit, which is a great winding acoustic blues song. But hold on, what happens after 1 minute 30. It kicks you in the teeth and turns into something else, something better. The whole album is like this, you think you know where it is coming from, then it turns around and does something completely different. What’s not to like about that.

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