Low – David Bowie

Maybe listening to an album a day for the next 10 years is a frivolous thing to do as we are undoubtedly witnessing the end of capitalism. But tonight I am gonna party like its 1929.
Actually anyone who grew up in the 70s and witnessed 1976, the year this album was released will tell you the 70s were bleak, beyond anything 2012 could throw at us. My abiding memory of the 70s is eating Spam sandwiches in front of an electric bar fire, with only one bar on.
Some albums reek of the decade/time in which they were made, Low doesn’t, in fact it sounds like someone beamed back from 2012 and made an album with the available mid 70s instrumentation.
Side 2 of Low blew away any remaining Ziggy cobwebs and was generally hated by most of the older Bowie pop fans. But I think side 2 is where it’s at, it takes a bit to break through the pain barrier of side 2, but when you do it makes perfect sense, Bowie was avant-garde all along. Some excellent ‘songs’ on the first side, including the instrumental, A New Career in a New Town. The first of his Berlin trilogy, and still the best.
Side 2 worked really well, in the conservatory watching the rain.

2 thoughts on “Low – David Bowie

  1. Bowie at the top of his game. If I’d ever got caught having 2 bars of the electric fire on, my parents would have put me in a care home.

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