Too Hot to Handle – Heatwave

Sometimes liking certain bands or albums makes very little sense. Heatwave is one of those bands. This album just reminds me of being a kid especially the tracks Boogie Nights and the title track Too Hot to Handle. Easily the best disco/funk band in Britain in the 70s, were there any others?
And also they had Rod Temperton, keyboardist/songwriter and officially the funkiest man in Cleethorpes. Rod went on to write some of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits and you can hear that Jackson template being played out all over this album. I defy anyone not to listen to this album without tapping their feet or making music related body movements. I am dancing right now writing this and thinking back to listening to this over lunch.

One thought on “Too Hot to Handle – Heatwave

  1. I thought I was the only guy to have this album. Boogie nights is a phenomenal track, and gives a real nostalgic feeling when I play it now. How cool does Temperton look on this?

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