Pink Moon – Nick Drake

Struggled to find the right album for today’s listen. I wanted to listen to something while sitting in the garden, but after the Devo failure I wasn’t sure what to go for. Then I thought about genre and it dawned on me that it had to be a non-electric, acoustic guitar, singer-songwritery type artist. So I went with Nick Drake’s Pink Moon. It did indeed sound wonderful in rare late evening sun, and also very sad. Listening to Nick Drake is always a sad affair, and even a wonderful summers night doesn’t change this.
Not really a bad track on this album, Place to Be and Things Behind the Sun have always been my favs, along with From the Morning, which sounds really nice tonight, as the sun dips down behind my garden shed. If you don’t know who Nick Drake is, first of all give yourself a slap, then go straight to your favoured music outlet and buy something, and then try and find a sunny day in the UK to listen to it (you might struggle with this last bit).

4 thoughts on “Pink Moon – Nick Drake

  1. . My favourite Drake album is Five Leaves Left. Gives a real feeling of an unattainable pastoral England. I find Fruit Tree amazing in that he’s singing about only achieving fame when your dead.

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