Who’s Next – The Who

I think the conversation may have gone something like this –
‘Roger, this is Keith, where are we shooting the cover for the new album, L.A., Tokyo, New York, Paris?’ Roger Daltry ‘No Keith, Easington Colliery’.
And so from a small mining village in County Durham came one of the best album sleeves of the 70s, and arguably one of the best albums too.
Hands up who think’s Baba O’Riley has the best drumming of any Who track? Powerful, but understated, a mature Moony. Hold on the drums on Bargain are also great. But so are the drums on Gettng in Tune. Right let’s settle this now, the drums on Won’t Get Fooled Again are the best drumming of any Who track. Listen to Won’t Get Fooled Again, you know why it is fantastic, because you have 4 guys doing their thing at the very top of their game, simple really.
Best Track: Behind Blue Eyes
One Word Review: Blimey

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