Beggars Banquet – Rolling Stones

In the 1960s apparently music fans were divided into either fans of The Stones or fans of The Beatles, and never the twain etc etc. I don’t know if this actually existed in the 60s and seems like some media construction from the 1980s. However I do remember that when we were kids we had to choose between two towering rock gods. The choice was Steve Ovett or Seb Coe (lord). I was always in the Ovett camp, he looked like he could have played second guitar in Magazine/Wire/Gang of Four, Seb Coe (lord) on the other hand looked like Duran Duran’s bank manager, but enough of that, back to The Stones.
I looked on Amazon today to see some reviews of this album, and someone gave it 1 star!
It would be a tough call to sit in either The Stones or Beatles camp, especially after listening to this tonight. Where do you start with this album? Even ditching the two most famous tracks as being over-reviewed, you still have, Jig-Saw Puzzle, No Expectations, Parachute Woman, Prodigal Son, Stray Cat Blues, Factory Girl. I have always loved the skuzzy sleaze that is Stray Cat Blues, they really were bad lads. Jig-Saw Puzzle is classic template Stones, but that doesn’t diminish it at all.
Micro Review; Play it loud and dance around the house.

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