Seventeen Seconds – The Cure

I have a new idea for a chat show, it is called ‘Screaming into the Void with Lars Von Trier’. Each week Lars and a celebrity guest will shoot the existential ennui whilst sitting on comfortable chairs. At the end of each episode they will then both scream into the camera for 5 minutes, ITV2 are interested.
Speaking of screaming into the void, well more like mumbling into the awkward silence, today’s album is the Cure’s Seventeen Seconds. I thought I needed to get back to my roots with today’s album, the last couple of entries have been a bit Proggy. Give me a ‘dark’, give me an ‘unsettling’, give me an ‘ethereal’, give me ‘minimalistic melodies’ And what have you got? – Yes Seventeen Seconds. Tis a great album though and this and Faith are the only Cure albums I play any more. I was going to listen to this during the day, but it didn’t sound right, so I am now listening to it in a darkened room while watching a clock. Play for Today is a fantastic track and should have really been the album’s opener. Secrets, In Your House and M are all gems. And I know it is a cliché, but my favourite track is still A Forest. It reminds me of lying in bed on a school night listening to John Peel on the radio, good days.
Three word review; Dysthymia with guitars

2 thoughts on “Seventeen Seconds – The Cure

  1. Haven’t heard this album in ages and to be honest there is only 2 tracks that do it for me, and not suprises it is Play for Today and A Forrest. Should the album been named after one of these 2 tracks??

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