Solid Air – John Martyn

In the late 1990s my wife and I lived in Suffolk, East Angrier. It was before we had children and we didn’t really know anyone so we spent a lot of time at the cinema, looking at old UFO landing sites (I want to believe) and cycling (usually to UFO landing sites). I also spent far too much time wandering around Woodbridge looking for Brian Eno. But more importantly I ended up, quite by accident, discovering John Martyn’s albums. I would borrow CDs for Ipswich library, however the selection wasn’t great, so one week I went for Bless the Weather and Solid Air, the rest, as they say, is history. Unique, breathtaking, sublime, intoxicating, exquisite take your pick of the standard user generated vocabulary that appears on, and don’t forget majestic. Whenever I tell people about this album out pours all these superlatives at 100 miles an hour, usually making my audience take a step back, I can’t help myself though, it is that good.
Favourite track is probably Don’t Want To Know, May You Never and Over the Hill are also absolute gems. The title track Solid Air is also a beautifully crafted bit of folk-jazz-blues written for his friend Nick Drake. I listened to this tonight and watched the evening sky turn red and orange, perfect.
Hidden gem; The Man in The Station
An aside; It is an amazing album, but sometimes, when I listen to this, it does make me a little sad, RIP John.

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