Damn the Torpedoes – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Although some of my musical tastes run to the rather exotic, post-punk, post-rock, jazz, free jazz, Kate Bush, Mongolian throat singing, sometimes this boy just wants to rock (middle fingers down outer fingers extended upwards, in a typical, about to rock, gesture). Who gives you that unpretentious, guitar based, 4 minutes from the American heartland? Tom Petty of course. You know you are in raaaack music territory when the artist refers to his songs as numbers.
I played this album on my first road trip in the USA, and it was like having a soundtrack especially written for the journey. We went from Tennessee to Chicago, through the small towns in the mid-west that are made for these songs (sorry numbers).
Each one of the first 5 tracks (what would have been side 1 of the vinyl) are storming, this could possibly be one of the strongest side 1s of any album since the 60s. The highlight of the first side, for me, is Shadow of a Doubt. Side 2 is no slouch either, with the wonderfully leisurely You Tell Me. Possibly the Citizen Kane of rock albums, and if not then certainly the Casablanca. I know it’s only rock and roll, but I like it.
One word review; Rickenbackertastic

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