La Folie – The Stranglers

When Golden Brown, the single from this album that elevated The Stranglers into the big leagues, hit no. 2 in the charts I had to justify my continued love of the band in the face of an obvious commercial sell-out. One particularly vociferous critic of my fandom was David Allinson*. Allinson was a serious metal head who also liked a number of punk bands. A number of years before I attended a school youth club with him, he was trying to get me to listen, and possibly like, AC/DC. He was wearing jeans and a leather jacket, however he had no shirt under his open leather jacket. I always thought Robert Plant could pull off this look rather well, however Allinson’s barrel physique betrayed his love of pies, and a general avoidance of The Sun. This really wasn’t a good look for him, especially when he insisted on dancing to Touch Too Much, from the Highway to Hell album. That was the last time I saw him socially and because of that mental scarring, I can’t listen to Bon Scott era AC/DC.
I haven’t actually listened to all of this album for maybe 20 years. Golden Brown, now seems to be an anomaly and doesn’t fit into the rest of the album. Supposedly a concept album about love it has some fantastic tracks from the poppy Tramp, to the rock-out old style Stranglers of Let me Introduce you to the Family and The Man they Loved to Hate. Anyone who doesn’t rate Jet Black as a drummer needs to listen to The Man They Love to Hate, big beats from the big man and the worlds first and only jazz-punk drummer. It is sad though that this is the last time he played live acoustic drums in the studio.
*The names have been changed to protect the individuals dignity (I just hoped he started wearing shirts in later life)
Micro review; Isn’t all pop music about love?

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