Live/Dead – Grateful Dead

This is going to be a short entry today as we are travelling through the Scottish highlands and my phone signal is pretty unreliable. This was our in car listening today as we wound our way through the Wester Ross countryside. About a year ago I listened to about 50 versions of Dark Star (I know, I know). I was on a mission to find, what I thought was, the best version of the track. And where was the ultimate version of Dark Star played, The Filmore East, Budokan, Woodstock, Winterland Arena, Madison Square Garden? Of course not, it was played in Bickershaw, Lancashire and appears on the Europe ’72 Vol. 2 album.
My wife has one up on me with the Dead, she saw them live in the early 90s. It really rankles me, especially when I asked her if they played Dark Star and her reply was ‘What’s that?’
Like the guy I met once who saw Joy Division in 1979, I asked him if it was a life changing event. He said actually no it wasn’t as he left after two songs to get a bag of chips.
One word review; Man!

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