Gentlemen Take Polaroids – Japan

The taste of country air you’ll never know.
When I lived and worked in South Korea I had a friend called Tadashi, he was a 6ft 6 japanese man whose nickname was chopstick. He was an avid fan of English/western rock/pop music and his favourite band were Japan. I always found this quite odd and wondered if I would like a Japanese band, called English who used the sounds and textures of Blighty to construct clever art rock, maybe not. One thing he did was a fantastic impression of David Sylvian, the problem was only me and him found this funny. But today I realised while singing along to Methods of Dance that I can do a good impression of David Sylvian, maybe everyone can do an impression of him. To test this I asked my wife if she could sing along to this track and sound like the singer, she looked at me shook her head and sighed. Because it is so easy, maybe Bryan Ferry is actually doing a David Sylvian impression.
I love Swing, it jumped out from my Wharfedales when I first had this album back in the mid-80s, and it is still brilliant, with some of the best bass playing on any album released in the 80s. Along with the glorious Methods of Dance and the haunting Nightporter one thing sticks out, this boy could sing, even if he was doing an impression of himself.
Three word review; Mick Karn RIP

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