In a Silent Way – Miles Davis

Let me get it out there, I am a big Miles fan. I struggled to pick the first album for the blog. In the end I literally laid my CDs on the ground, closed my eyes and picked one out at random (I am sure there are digital ways of selecting a random album). But In a Silent Way is a really good first album pick. If you decide to dip you toe in the ocean of Miles don’t do what I did daddy-os and dive head first into A Kind of Blue, as you really are at the highpoint and have nowhere to go after that (you have to eat Pot Noddle before you have oysters).
I started to listen to this inside tonight, but soon ended up in the garden with my headphones on, it sounds sublime and still beats Bitches Brew for me as Miles’ best ‘electric’ album. The Schh/Peaceful track is my favourite along with Miles’ effortless playing features some amazing John McLaughlin guitar moments.
Micro review; It’s Jazz Jim, but not as we know it.

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