Tago Mago – Can

Any band with these qualities is a shoe-in as one of rock music’s greatest, German (that should be enough in itself), prog rockers, classically trained avant garde musicians, the funkiest backline outside of Detroit and a Japanese vocalist who sang, mumbled, whispered and screamed his lyrics in broken English. Turn all this up to 11, take some hallucinogens, and you have one of the best albums released in the 1970s.
It is incredible that you can hear so much modern music in this album, everything from British prog to acid house, post-punk, post-rock, indie, contemporary dance music, basically everything since. And as a tribute to their influence, I want, no demand, to see Damo Suzuki go on the X-Factor and perform Mushroom.
This suffers a bit from Sandinista Syndrome (where a double or triple album could have been shorter). I could live without Aumgn, but all the other tracks are absolute gems.
Stand-outs are the wonderful trippy Paperhouse and of course Mushroom (hey I have no idea if it’s about hallucinogenics, just say no to fungi kids). Listening today to Jaki Liebezeit’s drumming on Bring Me Coffee or tea, it isn’t rock, or jazz, just what the hell is it?
Hidden gem; Oh Yeah
Micro review; I know, it’s only German avant garde progressive rock, but I like it, like it, yes I do.

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