Dark Undercoat – Emily Jane White

There will be wise men, singing, bringing you luck
So here I was, on holiday, trying not to think about idiotic stuff connected to music blogging, when I hear a great track. I was in the wonderful Scottish village of Gairloch browsing in the Mountain Book and Coffee-shop when I hear the most wonderful piano based folk song. I hung around to catch some lyrics, which, I hoped, would help me identify the artist. The next track came on and I heard a couplet which instantly stuck; ‘there were ravens above my bed, And they took my newly-wed’. That was such a great line I had to hear more tracks, I did and they were all stunning.
Funnily enough the stand out tracks were the ones I heard while loitering in the coffee-shop pretending to be interested in the self-help books. The Demon is an amazing track, reminds me a little of Kate Bush (no bad thing). Of course Sleeping Dead is great, Goth-Folk maybe (if it didn’t exist before as a genre I am claiming it).
I tried to talk about Emily Jane White today to my wife but her response was to immediately ask what her event was, and if she was a medal prospect. I guess I need to keep my music talk until after the Olympics. Trying to describe this album, imagine a female Cormac McCarthy who can sing and play piano/guitar or maybe Joan Crawford possessed by the spirit of Johnny Cash.
Best track; Wild Tigers I Have Known

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