12 Crass Songs – Jeffrey Lewis

Schoolboy sedition backed by big time promoters.
Songs of outrage, with an anti-global, revolutionary zeal, DIY subverter’s of the blandness of vacuous culture, all sung by a middle-class prep school boy from New York. This is hardly what Crass had in mind when they were considering their legacy. Penny Rimbaud would be be turning in his organic, co-operative, vegan grave (although he isn’t dead) if he had heard this album.
Actually, I really like these versions and the arrangements show what great songs they were, with powerful yet witty lyrics. I love, I Ain’t Thick, It’s Just a Trick (including posh swearing), any song that sees Sarah Jessica Parker as a capitalist puppet can’t be all bad. And the wonderful Do They Owe us a Living? (more posh swearing). Punk is Dead is the stand out track, although it’s very existence on the album is the epitome of dead Punk (after this version kids, Punk really is dead, or Deed for all you old punks north of the border).
Talking of the demise of Punk, in a pub before a Public Image Ltd gig last year I saw possibly the saddest and funniest thing ever, a comb-over mohican. The guy who was wearing it (without irony I may add) was the wrong side of 50 and had been an obvious victim of male pattern baldness. But instead of accepting his advancing years and receding hair he felt that he had to fight back and construct his mohican not in the centre of his head, but at the side.
Micro review; A Starbucks sponsored anarcho-revolution

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