The Village Fugs—Ballads and Songs of Contemporary Protest, Points of View and General Dissatisfaction – The Fugs

I don’t have this version of the album, I have the re-recorded version released a year later as The Fugs First Album, but I love the original title. These boys were out of control, and to all the London Punk rock historians and Southern Stalinist intelligentsia (great name for a band that), this baby, released in 1965!!! is Punk Rock year zero.
If Tangerine Dream were rock music’s most boring band backstage (see Tangram entry), The Fugs would be the opposite. I imagine they would be backstage before a gig doing a whole host of unspeakable things with a bottle, a belt and a box of matches, you see what happens when poets form bands?
I love Ah, Sunflower, it sounds like Fairport Convention and is probably The Fugs at their most chemically free. Slum Goddess and I Couldn’t Get High are both gems and sound almost Pub-rockish. The track Nothing has become an underground classic and gets changed in each decade to make it relevant, existential garage-punk. CIA Man is wonderfully subversive, and along with all the swears they sound like an X-rated Monkees. Actually, the whole album is wonderfully subversive and should be played by Chris Moyles on his last day at Radio 1.
Best track title ever; In the Middle of Their First Recording Session the Fugs Sign the Worst Record Contract Since Leadbelly’s

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