Swoon – Prefab Sprout

As young musos in Durham we were all really excited by The Prefabs, our own quirky pop band from the pit villages of Durham, Paddy was our own Witton Gilbert genius. I loved Swoon when I first heard it, and still play it quite regularly. But I also had my own reason to like them as I saw their potential years before. As a teenage journalist, was I standing watching them in Durham University students Union in the early 80s, soaking up the atmosphere and dreaming of the band on stage having number 1 singles? Well actually I wasn’t, but I did see one of their first gigs. I was in (well I say in, more like round the back of) the Brewer’s Arms hotel in Gilesgate, Durham. I was standing on David Simon’s shoulders in the pub garden, squinting through a nicotine stained window watching four distorted shapes perform on stage. As all the windows and doors were closed we could only hear the bass and drums, but hey I was there, at the beginning. This episode may feature in my own version of Losing my Edge, along with getting told to piss off by Elvis Costello.
There really isn’t a bad track on this album, and lyrically it is an embarrassment of riches (calm down). Cue Fanfare, Don’t Sing, Green Isaac all help make this one of the best first sides of any record released in the 1980s.
Favourite Track; Cruel
Micro review; Never have the wrong chords sounded so right


6 thoughts on “Swoon – Prefab Sprout

  1. Two Wheels Good is so, so, so sublimely better. I found a link on NPR to you blog and was delighted to see Prefab Sprout as the album greeting me.

    • I had to Google that title, then I remembered it is the American version of what we call ‘Steve McQueen’ in the UK. I guess they ran into some problem with McQueen’s estate and had to re-title. I think you are probably right on this album edging Swoon.

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