Velvet Underground and Nico – Velvet Underground and Nico

What a line-up, a German chanteuse (eh?), a stroppy Long Islander, and the world’s only avant-garde Welshman. Drug abuse, BDSM, prostitution and sexual deviancy, and that was just the love songs on the album. Even by today’s standards, the content of some of these songs is, shall we say, a bit Channel 4.
It’s a great album though, I haven’t played it for years and it is amazing how almost every song has become a mini-classic. The more I play this album the more I like the Nico songs (after 20 years of ignoring them), Femme Fatale is wonderful, made even better by the German accent. What can you say about All Tomorrows Parties, I am sitting listening to this track tonight, open-mouthed, stunning (I have also just realised I can do quite a good Nico impression while singing along to this). Nico aside, my favourite track is European Son, it starts off sounding like the Beatles and ends sounding like someone falling over a bunch of guitars, great stuff.
Imagine the people at the Verve pressing plant. After spending years checking Bossa Nova albums for errors they are suddenly presented with the track The Black Angel’s Death Song to error check, you can imagine them looking at each other in bewilderment.
Micro review; Art rock from the Rhondda valley

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