Silver Apples – Silver Apples

I don’t know how many times I have read a music journalist saying that such and such a band was way ahead of their time. In my mind there have been only a couple of instances of that, the Silver Apples are most defiantly one of them. Not only were they ahead of their time I think they also existed in a different dimension. I am convinced they made the first album in 2012, invented a time machine and travelled back to 1968 to release it.
The whole album is great, odd, but great. Velvet Cave is wonderful, sounding like a heroin addicted Pet Shop boys. Misty Mountain is also a stand-out track, but sometimes I just don’t know what to make of them. They still sound ahead of the game though, even after 44 years. Oscillations is about as commercial as it gets and is a great track, walking the tightrope between almost pop and freaked out psycho-electronica.
I listened to all of this album on headphones today and didn’t want anyone else to hear it, I don’t really know what that says about my feelings about this album, I suppose I am as conflicted and mixed up as the actual music on this album. I like it, I am not so sure if anyone else does, hence the cans.
Micro review; Imagine The Chemical Brothers on a ZX81.

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