Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley

Lay it on me, daddy-o
This isn’t one of my favourite Presley albums by a long way, but while I was looking for something today I stumbled across it and thought I would give it a listen as I don’t think I have played it for 25 years!.
I would imagine the film was considered quite scandalous at the time, portraying Vince Everett as a convict and hero. The title track is exciting though, I would have loved to have heard this as a teenager in 1957. However, lyrically (through our 21st century ears) it is quite silly and makes the sitcom Porridge look like a gritty, social realist drama. I especially like the character Shifty Henry (great name) in the final verse, who wanted to make a break for it, but seemed to get talked out of it by Bugsy (another original prison name), who had been fully rehabilitated through rock and roll.
This album has the studio versions alongside the film versions, the film versions seem much better, almost live. Some classic Presley here, Young and Beautiful and Treat me Nice. Presley was a big feature in our house when I was young, and every time I hear him he brings back some nice memories of parents and grandparents, Vesta curry and fireside toast.


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