Saucerful of Secrets – Pink Floyd

For some reason this has ended up being my least played Floyd album. I really don’t know how that happened so I thought I would give it a listen tonight. I suppose it is a bit of a transitional album, they went from playing 4 minute spacy pop songs to 11 minute spacy pop songs. Set the Controls.. is great as is the almost funky Let There Be More Light. Not sure about A Saucerful of Secrets though, posh Hawkwind. Jugband Blues (Syd’s leaving present to the band) is a little gem of a song, still hinting at his genius. If Pink Floyd albums existed in a Football League this album would be jostling at the top of the Championship, maybe in a play-off spot.
In the early 90s my wife and I went to Italy, mostly based in Rome we also took an organised trip to Pompeii. We were standing with a group of about 20 others listening to our tour guide telling us something interesting, that I wasn’t entirely paying attention to. Suddenly, out the corner of my eye I see the Roman amphitheatre where Pink Floyd filmed Live at Pompeii. Without any regard for my tour guide or the others in our group, I shouted out ‘Pink Floyd amphitheatre’ and went running off down the hill like a teenage boy who has just seen a pair of breasts. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day pacing around the amphitheatre trying to remember the film, happy days.
Hidden gem; Remember a Day
Micro review; The West Ham of albums

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