Hunky Dory – David Bowie

I urinated on this record once, this isn’t a kind of radical criticism (I am not Lester Bangs), I was drunk and it was purely accidental (sorry David). I love this album, although it does remind me of the incident when I play it. I came home one night, pretty drunk and stumbled into bed fully clothed. I woke up the next morning to a vomit strewn room and a wet turntable. Once I had tracked back my movements I realised that I mistook the turntable lid for the toilet seat (I really don’t believe in my alcohol stupor I still had the foresight to lift the ‘lid’, albeit the wrong one). One ruined turntable and copy of Hunky Dory.
Hunky Dory is Bowie in full songwriter mode, his first proper album, no acoustic hippiness (Space Oddity), hard rock shenanigans (Man Who Sold The World) just some great songs. Look at these songs, Changes (amazing), Song For Bob Dylan (second best song ever about Bob), Kooks (beautiful), Life on Mars (blimey), Oh! You Pretty Things (Freddie Nietzsche meets catchy chorus). Oh! You Pretty Things is one of my favourite tracks, not only is it absolutely addictive, Mr Bowie got all these kids to sing a song about Nietzschean philosophy, brilliant.
Hidden gem; Quicksand


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