Remain in Light – Talking Heads

When I bought this album it blew me away. I was brought up on rock (punk with a bit of metal mixed in) this album wasn’t anything I could get my head around. My first reaction was to see it as disco, which of course is understandable as it has very funky roots (I was yet to discover the wonders of The Pop Group). It took a while to get into its head space (sorry couldn’t resist). Luckily though, I had plenty of time to enjoy this album as a week after I bought it my friend decided to throw a javelin through my leg, so I had 3 weeks off school to enjoy the un-rock like delights of Talking Heads.
There is something about this album that still makes it fresh over 30 years later. Don’t ask me what it is though, as it is impossible to pin down. I just know when I hear Born Under Punches I want to move my body, it is like some strange Cronenbergian (is that a real adjective?) musical virus that infects your muscles and makes you want to dance. My favourite track though is Listening Wind, North African traditions mixed with 80s new wave, sounds like an odd mixture but it works so well.
Micro review; It still sounded good, even with a leg wound

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