Big Science – Laurie Anderson

My first foray into the world of the avant-garde (and I have been wandering around, alone, on that slippery slope ever since), well I say foray, I really mean accidental trip and fall. I bought Big Science because of Oh Superman (that single makes Laurie Anderson a one hit wonder) and got hooked by this albums obvious quirks and general wackiness. I am making it sound like a jolly quirky ride but some of it is quite dark. The standouts for me when I first heard it were, and possibly still are, From the Air and the title track Big Science.
From the Air is a very odd, especially the line Jump out of the plane, there is no pilot. I am not a good flyer and always make sure this track gets nowhere near my inflight playlist. Big Science is without a doubt the best track on the album, a frightening walk through a landscape of concrete and consumerism, and the march of human progress, fantastic stuff.
Micro review; Performance art on Top of the Pops, who would have thought.

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