Here’s The Tender Coming – The Unthanks

I saw this magnificent bunch at the equally magnificent Sage in Gateshead (that is in Gateshead, and not in Newcastle). I still find this album an interesting hybrid of folk music and contemporary classical music. In fact Annachie Gordon sounds like a bunch of girls from Low Fell have just kicked down the door of a Steve Reich recording session and started to sing over the top of his backing tracks.
One of the best moments at their gigs is when they do Lucky Gilchrist, in the instrumental break both the girls quickly change out of their shoes and put on clogs. They then do a clog dance to the instrumental portion of the track. When I took my daughter to see them her face lit up when they did the clog dance, magic.
Hidden gem; Testimony of Patience Kershaw. A female miners diary extract sang over a Nymanesque backing track (sounds odd, yes, but it is wonderful)
Micro review; Can folk music sound like this? Of course it can when it comes from God’s own county.


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