The First, the Best and the Last – Sham 69

If Television were the shiny intelligentsia of Punk, then Sham 69 were its grim proletariat. But they played the role very well indeed, Pursey even finding a voice among the myriad of Punk Rock spokespeople. I actually find some of the Sham 69 singles gloriously addictive, hence this compilation. Angels with Dirty Faces was one of the first Punk singles I bought and I can still remember watching Pursey spitting out the lyrics on TV. I can take or leave the cartoony Hurry Up Harry (I think you mean Arry Up Arry), but If the Kids Are United is in a different class.
Before a school disco, my friend David Kilton (name change here, but you know who you are) figured out that if you put a tiny hole in the bottle top of cider and drink it through this reduced stream, you get very drunk. I have since tried this as an adult, bored one night, and I have to say it didn’t work. But as 13 year olds, it worked extremely well. So here we are drunk at the school disco and what should they play, If the Kids Are United. It was incredible, upper-working class white kids, lower-middle class white kids put aside their huge cultural, social and economic differences in order to be one with the Pursey, he really did unite us, well for three and a half minutes anyway.
Hidden gem; Questions and Answers

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