Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield

I have a guilty love of Mike, there I said it. I even like his really dodgy late 70s early 80s output (Five Miles Out anyone?). This sounded just wonderful tonight looking out across Trinity College (I am currently working in Dublin). I like this album as it sends me back to a time when Virgin were a fantastic record label and pretty good record shop, rather than an owner of a crap airline, dodgy trains and shit Cola.
I didn’t get this first time around as I was too young (I have vague memories about it at the time, a guy who played all the instruments on his records. As I was very young at the time, and had no knowledge of multi-track recording I just imagined some extreme one man band type situation, where he had about 30 instruments strapped to him. Hey I was 5). I love the first side, it just meanders along, then the next little movement comes along for a while, then changes again. I make it sound very boring, but I guess you either get it or you don’t.
Micro review; Prog rock for squares


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