Relics – Pink Floyd

This was the first Pink Floyd album I ever bought. Not for any high minded reason, simply that in the early 80s this was the cheapest one. Not that it is a bad first album, it is quite a good introduction to the Floyd canon. I would spend many double periods of Technical Drawing discussing this album with Tommy Maskett, Tommy wasn’t an errant student fan of the Floyd, he was the teacher. I remember one debate about the relative merits of Interstellar Overdrive. I remember quite liking it but my teacher thought it was ‘a bit much, that’.
There are some forgotten gems on this, I love Biding my Time, which is quite untypical Floyd with its bluesy moments. No matter what teacher said, Interstellar Overdrive is a work of genius, the psychedelic deconstruction of the pop song (did I really just say that). Remember a Day is spell binding, with Nick Mason pulling a full shift (not something he always did). From the two singles I always preferred See Emily Play, it is a pop song, with something else going on just under the surface, which makes it really irresistible.
Hidden gem; Cirrus Minor, for so many reasons, but the main one being the keyboard instrumental break in the middle.

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