Intermission – The Residents

I bought this album by accident, in order to cover up a social mishap. As a youngster I would frequent record shops. These places tended to be fairly cool and hip places (terms that generally didn’t apply to me) frequented by lots of kids who are trying to find that one new band that nobody else has heard of. One such establishment of hipness was Pet Sounds in Newcastle. This was the old shop just up from the train station that was effectively in a basement. One rainy Saturday I went with a couple of friends, I was the first one in and started to descend the stairs into the shop, however on about the second step I slipped and fell the rest of the way. I quickly stood up, however all of the shop’s patrons, or so it seemed, had turned towards me and started to laugh. In an establishment of such hipness this was unforgivable. So I went to the closest rack, picked the first record I could find, paid for it and left.
Uncle Sigmund says there is no such thing as an accident, I meant to fall down those stairs and pick that particular Residents EP. Well I avoided Pet Sounds for a while (until I could at least grow my hair in order to facilitate some kind of disguise), but I loved this record and still do. It is difficult to call out a track as I think the EP needs to be consumed as a whole, but Moles Are Coming is fantastic, being both scary, crazy, inspired and tuneful all at the same time. Well one Residents album down, 35 to go.
Micro review; Any band who have worn giant eyeballs on their heads for 40 years need to be listened to.

3 thoughts on “Intermission – The Residents

  1. Ah, Pet Sounds – luckily when I was buying records they had three shops (or had the one near the station turned into Steel Wheels by that point?) Plenty of old vinyl to search through.

      • I don’t know about Old Eldon Square but the one near the station was Steel Wheels in maybe the early to mid 90’s. Probably the same owners as Pet Sounds as its name changed back again a few years later. I remember Pet Sounds being in one of the basements of Old Eldon Square at some point and there was one near the Civic Centre as well (also in a basement – must have been their thing!)

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