English Settlement – XTC

I can’t believe I haven’t got round to XTC yet, something by these guys will generally grace the headphones/speakers at least once a month. I am doing something very 21st century at the moment I am listening to this on an ipod and perusing the vinyl sleeve and inner sleeves. I miss big sleeves and inner sleeves, damn you Fraunhofer. The 80s were a golden age for album packaging (the decade of the picture disc) and this one is beautiful with its parchment like inner sleeves.
XTC were from Swindon, a mecca for churning out talent, just look Dean Ashton, Diana Dors, Gilbert O’ Sullivan and Melinda Messenger, need I mention more? The old side 1 of the first disc is a gem, and the last two tracks Senses Working Overtime and Jason and the Argonauts are fantastic. I still get that wonderful warm glow inside when I hear Senses Working Overtime, everytime without fail. My favourite track though is All of a Sudden (It’s Too Late). I never really got the lyrics when I was a kid, but now in later life it is like looking in the mirror.
Hidden gem; Yacht Dance


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