His Majesty’s Dub – Prince Jammy Vs King Tubby

I feel a reggae weekend comin’ on. Reggae is a funny thing, everyone likes it, but the only album people seem to have is Legend by Bob Marley, nothing wrong with Bob, who I may return to tomorrow, but people need to cast their spiritual reggae nets a little further, possibly into more dubby waters. I find heavy dub reggae absolutely addictive and can’t help bringing home bags full of the stuff from various shops. Most of you won’t have heard of King Tubby and that is a real shame. You know music remixes? Well King Tubby invented them, he was also pretty much behind the whole development of dub which in turn has influenced pretty much all contemporary dance music, sorry to sound like a proper (my taste is better than your taste) music critic.
It is amazing that this album is from 1975, I asked a couple of people today, random friends of my wife’s who dropped round our house, if they could tell me the decade in which this music came from, the earliest one I got was the 1990s. It is impossible to pick out a stand-out track from this album, as I think with a lot of Tubby’s stuff, the whole album is the experience.
Hidden gem; Ruling Power

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