Life’s a Riot with Spy Vs Spy – Billy Bragg

I was 22 years when I heard this album and I am 45 now but I won’t be for long.
I thought I would give this a spin today as I haven’t played it for years. It is a great album/EP/mini album with some classic moments. A New England is brilliant, mixing high idealism with just wanting a girlfriend, it is clever and funny. The standout track for me though is Man in the Iron Mask, a hauntingly beautiful song about the fragility of love, sung slightly off-key, maybe on purpose, by Mr. Bragg. I also like, the far too short, A Busy Girl Buys Beauty, this song seems to almost have a greater resonance today than it even did back then.
I don’t buy this idea that Mr. Bragg is the everyman spokesman for the everyman. I could have sworn I saw him once backstage wearing a pair of leather trousers and reading a Jeffrey (this is slang for a Jeffrey Archer novel or other comparable shite), sorry you have been outed William of Bragg (copyright NME circa 1991).
Micro review; Pay no more than 10p for this blog.

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