Expensive Shit – Fela Kuti

After Flying back to Dublin at the weekend I climbed bleary eyed into a taxi at the airport. It was my second African taxi driver of the weekend, these guys are fantastic and cut through the traffic like a hot knife through butter. So I sat myself in the front seat and thought about napping, but the driver’s music intrigued me. I tentatively asked where the music was from, after a couple of replies from the taxi driver it turns out it was Fela Kuti, so for the next 30 minutes I get a beginner’s guide to Fela by my excellent taxi driving African music expert.
Although I know who he is, there is a blank space in my anally retentive alphabetized record order structure between Kt and Kv. The track that I listened to in the taxi was Water No Get Enemy, which is actually on Expensive Shit and it is 11 minutes of amazing. I don’t know how Fela slipped from my grasp, but I shall be investing more time, and money investigating this interesting artist.
Hidden gem; Monday Morning in Lagos

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