Big Terror Movie Themes – Geoff Love and His Orchestra

People of a certain age, between the age of say 44 and 47, narrow margin I know, may have this album tucked away somewhere. I sought this album out on itunes after running across it in a junk shop a couple of years ago. Some memories lay buried for years, this album was one such memory. I had forgotten all about this record until I stumbled across a very battered and bruised copy in the junk shop, and suddenly this long forgotten memory floated to the surface. I loved this record as a kid, I must have been around 10 when it came out as I think the main selling point was the fact that Jaws was on it, so that places it around 1975/76. We had no idea as kids that these tracks weren’t from the original films, we had only seen Jaws anyway, and that, to our non-cynical ears, seemed close enough. The great surprise for me was hearing Tubular Bells, I had heard of this film called The Exorcist, but I was far too young to have seen it (that pleasure would come a couple of years later on Betamax), however the surprise came from the music, which was the least scary thing I had ever heard, I was expecting the title music for The Exorcist to be a lot scarier, and not the folky noodlings of a 19 year old multi-instrumentalist.
Hidden gem; Airport 75 (sounds like incidental music from a 70s TV show)

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