Autobahn – Kraftwerk

We drive, drive, drive on the motorway.
Imagine an English band releasing an album called motorway, and the chorus of the title track goes, We drive, drive, drive on the motorway. You can get away with so much more if you don’t sing in English, Bill Bailey proved it with his Kraftwerk tribute to the Hokey Kokey. This album is basically the title track, although I do like Comet Melody 2. But what a title track, German disco for boffins. I really need to get in a car and listen to this today, but I am in Dublin this weekend and being stuck in Saturday Dublin traffic may not be how Ralf and Florian conceived this particular soundscape to the open road.
I would love to have been a wallflower in some Düsseldorf disco in 1975 watching young Germans bop to this, or I should say trying to bop to this. Comet Melody 2 sounds even more contemporary and could have been from the 1980s, sounding suspiciously Human Leagueish, not that I am saying for one minute the Human League ever ripped off Kraftwerk.
I did something today which I haven’t done for years, I spent a Saturday afternoon hanging around record shops, it was brilliant, and I never fell down any stairs.
Four word review; Disco music for scientists

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