Maggot Brain – Funkadelic

Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time.
As I now walk to work each morning I have started to listen to an album as it is about 25 minutes in and 25 minutes back home, perfect album length. So this morning I was strolling along the northern bank of the Liffey listening to my favourite Funkadelic track, Maggot Brain, with one of my favourite guitar intro/solos, groovy. Dublin’s urban sprawl seemed to fit Maggot Brain really well, with all the morning walking commuters jostling for position on the narrow pavement.
The problem was my ear bud headphones decided to keep dropping out, well one in particular (is one of my ear holes bigger than the other?) and so I decided to switch off after Maggot Brain and resume the album on my early evening commute home.
As I continued to walk now without my headphones I caught the conversation in front of me. A young woman was shrieking “Oh my god” at the top of her voice to a young man who she obviously hadn’t seen for some time. Her first question to him was a fairly natural “How are you?”. The young man’s response to this wasn’t exactly conventional, he replied “Well I am still ginger” (he didn’t seem particularly ginger but he obviously had issues if that was his first response), after this exchange I decided to give Maggot Brain another shot, well with one ear anyway.
Hidden gem; Super Stupid

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