Houses of the Holy – Led Zeppelin

Not one of my favourite Zeppelin albums (I guess, like most people, I would have to say it is probably Led Zeppelin IV, which I may have a listen to this week), but it does have one of my favourite songs on it, and a bit of a yarn behind it.
I was never the biggest Zeppelin fan when I was a kid, I liked some of the more well-known tracks, but outside of about 5 tracks they were unexplored musical territory. That is until a car journey in the USA. My wife and I were travelling through the US from South to North. It was after midnight and we decided to drive through Cincinnati to get on I74 and head to Indianapolis. I was trying to stay awake and was flicking through the radio stations. Suddenly this music came on, that sounded sort of familiar. The opening electric piano kicked in and I realised it was No Quarter. I had probably only heard this track once before so I sat back and listened to it. This was my Zeppelin awakening (my Led epiphany, if you will), it sounded absolutely incredible as we wound our way through a late night, empty Cincinnati. The track seemed to fit the cityscape really well, or was it just me finally tuning into Zeppelin. Either way, the next day in Indianapolis I went out and bought this album.
I played it once driving through an empty rainy Newcastle and I still got that same feeling. A track made for an empty city, they should put that on the tin.
There are loads of good tracks on this album, I especially like the funky The Crunge, the more typical sounding The Ocean and Bob Plant at his vocal best on The Rain Song, which, No Quarter aside, is my track of the album.
Micro review; Go and try it, drive around a city late at night with No Quarter playing.

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