After the Goldrush – Neil Young

I heard screaming and bullwhips cracking
Sounds like my neighbours on a Sunday afternoon. This is still my favourite album by our favourite Canadian Indie Grandfather (CIG). It is certainly a bit of a mixed bag, which is why I think I like it so much.
One of the great things about living in Dublin is you can get home from work and put an FM radio station on you hear Neil Young. I don’t believe that would happen in the UK, maybe I am wrong as I hardly listen to FM radio.
Some classic Youngian (hey, that’ll work) moments on this album, but they are all dwarfed by Southern Man, what a song. If there is one song in rock music’s long and never-ending canon that I wished I had written I think it would be Southern Man. It is sonically (there goes that word again, sorry) amazing, but lyrically is racially and socially aware, which you didn’t really hear in rock that much, this seemed to upset many people, including Lynyrd Skynyrd. He really had it in for the Southern States though and stuck the boot in again with Alabama from Harvest. Don’t Let it Bring You Down is another gem from this album and When You Dance I Can Really Love (another strange song title from our Neil) is great, although I prefer the version from Live Rust.
Hidden gem; Tell me Why

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