Psychocandy – The Jesus and Mary Chain

Back in 1985 I really didn’t get these boys. I really tried, as many of my friends liked them, but for me they were a Velvet Underground tribute band trying to learn Ramones songs. They were very popular in 85/86/87 and it seemed like all the indie discos across the North East had their own contingent of Mary Chain obsessives. We had our own in Durham, which my friend christened The Mary Chain twins. We would often elect not to dance to Never Understand in order to watch the twins strut their stuff (which largely consisted of them walking around in a circle, pointing to the ground and looking at the floor). I would pay anything to see the Mary Chain twins dance again, not as skinny, unemployed indie kids with long fringes as they were back then, no, I want to see them do that dance in their current guise as bald, fat, IT consultants (my wife claims that I have just described myself here).
It took 20 years but I do like this album now, it brings back very happy memories of my young indie life. In a Hole is a great track, I love that guitar noise on it (a thousand indie kids all playing the same chord). Taste of Cindy is wonderful, a classic 60s pop song filtered through a black leather jacket and long fringe.
Standout Track; Never Understand, it is still the Velvets doing the Ramones, but what the hell, it’s brilliant.
Micro review; RIP Casbah Club, Durham City, UK.


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