City to City – Gerry Rafferty

When I was a kid Baker Street was a massive single, and seemed to be everywhere. I remember buying it and playing it everyday for about a month. Once the month was up, I don’t think I ever played it again, or anything else by the big man. That was until January 2011. That was the month that Gerry Rafferty died, and I decided to give City to City a shot. I really don’t know why I waited so long, what a great album.
Baker Street is still very evocative, I love the plush production on it, every little detail just works. I imagine they spent a lot of time getting Baker Street just right, and they really nailed it. I never realised but it reminds me of a British Steely Dan (for me that is a good thing). Even though I have this history with Baker Street from when I was a kid, it is not my favourite track, that belongs to Right Down the Line. What a fantastic song, a proper singer-songwriter song, personal, intimate and it’s a cracking tune. I feel sad listening to it though, I wish it hadn’t taken his death to get to hear this.
Micro review; Paisley poetry with guitars.
Hidden gem; Stealin’ Time


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