Highway 61 Revisited – Bob Dylan

But you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?
I saw Bob Dylan a few years ago and he blew me away, he was fantastic. I was quite close to the front and I knew he would do Like a Rolling Stone as an encore, so I thought I would heckle. Taking my cue from the Judas heckle (At a Manchester gig in 1966 a guy shouted Judas just before Like a Rolling Stone, which got quite an angry response from Dylan), I thought I would use something biblical. But rather than shout Judas, I wanted to shout something that showed my appreciation of the gig, so I shouted the opposite thing I could think of to Judas, I shouted ‘James, son of Zebedee’. A couple of people looked around, obviously unaware of the theological underpinnings of my heckle. I don’t think Bob heard it though.
This is just a fantastic album, but where do you start? Just look at this track list Tombstone Blues (stream of consciousness in rock?), From a Buick 6 (a personal favourite for the line – she walks like Bo Diddly and she don’t need no crutch) and the beautiful Queen Jane Approximately. My favourite track though has to be Ballard of a Thin Man, Dylan in full sneering mode, spitting his words out in disgust at The Man (dedicated to Mr. Jones’ everywhere).
There is a fantastic irony of the Judas heckler shouting at that particular moment, he shouted at the very moment this thing we had known since 1957 as Rock and Roll transformed into Rock music, on that very stage in Manchester.
Micro review; I am in the kitchen with tombstone blues, with my ipod on.

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