Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin

I know, I know, I have picked the one album that everyone has. There is a reason why everyone has it though, cause it is bloody great!
What better way to end my stay in Dublin, than with Black Dog, fantastic. I don’t think the band were at all sexist, it was all very satirical and postmodern (Watch honey drip can’t keep away), Robert Plant was the cool equivalent of Finbar Saunders.
How exciting must it have been to hear Rock and Roll (the track not the genre) at a school disco, I don’t mean in 1983 at Gilesgate Comprehensive (still good), I mean in 1971 at Gilesgate Secondary Modern.
I know a lot of ink has been spilled discussing Stairway to Heaven, but I tried putting all the baggage to one side while listening, and you know what, it is a great song. I have just realized though while listening to the guitar solo bit at the end of this, there must be a Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle of Air Guitar. I am playing air guitar along to the end of Stairway, but it seems I can’t fully listen to the track, I can only listen or play along, I can’t do both things at the same time.
But my favourite track on here has to be When the Levee Breaks. Starting with that classic Bonham drum pattern, that seems to be on every Hip Hop album. Electric sonic blues, to be played at every heavy disco, and because of the lyrical content elsewhere on this album, I wonder if it is really about Levees.
Hidden gem; The Battle of Evermore of course.

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