20 Jazz Funk Greats – Throbbing Gristle

Get your tits out for the occultist, pandrogynous, avant-gardist lads (sorry I really couldn’t resist that), just a little northern humour to lighten the mood before I delve into the heart of darkness that is Throbbing Gristle (referred to in the rest of this blog as TG). Someone pointed out today that there probably isn’t many people who could listen to Gerry Rafferty and Throbbing Gristle in the same week. Fair enough.
If I were to fall into a black hole, just before being crushed to oblivion within the event horizon I couldn’t think of a more appropriate track to be listening to than Six Six Sixties from this album. I know TG were really out there, but I think this is one of their lighter albums, with, dare I say, pop moments (no you can’t). Of course Six Six Sixties is a pretty terrifying piece of music, not all the tracks are like that however. Take Still Walking for example, yes it is still quite unconventional, but could be regarded as synth dance music, well almost, maybe if you listen to it from another room.
Walkabout is about as close to pop as this album gets, and is actually a really good track. Hot on the Heels of Love sounds almost like disco, albeit occultist, avant-gardist, BDSM disco.
I love the cover and title of this album and the anarcho-situationist in me would have loved to have been around record shops at the time watching hipster kids buy this album in order to hear Jazz Funk. Putting this record on expecting Shakatak and getting Genesis P., that is the stuff of nightmares right there, ones featuring Genesis P, those are the worst kind.

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