Phallus Dei – Amon Duul II

Scary German prog rock, need I say anymore, and what can you say about an album titled Phallus Dei, really. I always thought Amon Duul II (as opposed to the much more down to earth and commercial Amon Duul I) sounded like a German Throbbing Gristle, with better guitars, now there are two terms you don’t want to see in the same sentence (German and Throbbing Gristle). They were also, allegedly, the Baader-Meinhof group’s favourite band (I am really selling this album to you, aren’t I?)
Actually I am being a little unfair to the band here, there are some storming tracks on this album, once the title track gets going it is a great ride with a fantastic electric violin about half through.
My favourite track on the album is the almost conventional sounding Kannan, the track is built around some fantastic drumming, as is most of the album.
Hidden gem: Luzifer’s Ghilom, imagine Fairport Convention as Satanists and you are fairly close.
Warning: Never fly to the USA with a Baader-Meinhof biography in your carry on bag.


2 thoughts on “Phallus Dei – Amon Duul II

  1. What happened to 24/09/12? Have you abandoned the album-a-day idea? A shame if you have.

    Constructive suggestion: why not number the posts as you count up/down to 3000?

    • I never said they had to be consecutive days, it is still an album a day 🙂 When I have time I will get back to one a day, but for now it will have to take a bit of a back seat as work work is busy.

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