His Recorded Legacy (The 29 Songs) – Robert Johnson

I have always struggled to find a good representative album for Robert Johnson, there are so many bad compilations. This one is good though, it has all his 29 recorded songs, without any of the alternate versions. I love listening to Robert Johnson, it is rock and roll ancient history, the seeds that were to give birth to Elvis Presley and beyond. Just listening to Stop Breakin’ Down Blues tonight, it sounds so fresh, it is amazing to think it was recorded 20 years before Presley.
I always try to relate music to my current life, while listening to Dead Shrimp Blues I have to concede that I have never woke up one morning to find all my shrimp were dead and gone. I have, however, woken up to find one of my freshwater tropical fish dead, I imagine Mr. Johnson didn’t really have this in mind when he wrote this particular song.
32-20 Blues is a great track, I always marvel at the guitar on this track. I am not sure what the particular track was, but when Keith Richards first heard Robert Johnson he famously asked who the second guitarist was. I always think 23-20 Blues sounds like it has more than one guitarist.
Micro review; The closet thing I get these days to a history lesson
Hidden gem: Walking Blues

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