Mothership Connection – Parliament

If you could live in any era of history, when would it be? Would you be a Roman soldier, a medieval knight? I think I would liked to have been a moderately successful session bass player from 1974.
Speaking of moderately successful bass players brings us to Cordell “Boogie” Mosson, he has become the forgotten bassist in Parliament and lived forever in the shadow of Bootsy Collins. This is arguably my favourite Parliament album and a perfect antidote to Chas and Dave or Iron Maiden for that matter. I listened to this today while wandering through Dublin on my way from work. I love the title track, perfect mix of uplifting funk and sci-fi? My favourite track though is Unfunky UFO, which couldn’t have a more inappropriate name as it is 99% funk, y’all (sorry, I just wish I was a lot cooler sometimes, but y’all always sounds like a question with my northern tones).
Micro review: Number 12 in the top 100 all-time funkiest albums
Hidden gem: Listen to that bass on Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples, sublime.

Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden

Whenever I hear Iron Maiden I automatically think of Spinal Tap, one is a parody heavy metal band and the other released an album called Smell the Glove, see they are the same band. Phantom of the Opera is a great track though, including the amazing guitar from Tufnel. After listening to Phantom of the Opera I suddenly have a thirst for Lucazade, not really, Satchi and Satchi, nice try though.
Google is wonderful, for the hell of it I searched Lacan and rock, and it spat out this beauty of an online journal article, I so wanted it to be a wind up, but I don’t think it is. It is called Lacan and the Perversion of Heavy Metal: “Cock Rock” and the Almighty Phallus, you have got to love cultural studies.
I am off to write my cultural studies article, A Freudian analysis of Richard Thompson’s Beret.
Micro review: I still think Running Free sounds like The Damned.