Ole Coltrane – John Coltrane

More Trane folks, sorry. I have been reading a book about the making of A Love Supreme and started some Coltrane dipping. One of the most excruciating experiences that my wife ever subjected me to was to attend an American high school marching band competition. In a previous job I had to film spinal cord tumour removal procedures in a hospital, that wasn’t a pleasant experience, believe me the marching band experience was much worse. After the competition was over I turned to my wife and said, How did this country ever produce John Coltrane (I never really thought about saying it beforehand, it just spilled out of my mouth).
Ole isn’t everyone’s cup of Jazz tea, I really like it especially the title track which shows the band at its tightest. Coltrane’s sax on the title track is just sublime, it’s modal man. I love the bowed bass towards the end, it almost becomes a different song, sounding quite experimental. Dahomey Dance is more familiar Coltrane, with some incredible sax solos (why play 5 notes when you can play 15) from Coltrane and Eric Dolphy.
Hidden gem; Aisha (Coltrane getting all simple, why play 10 notes when you can play 4)

One thought on “Ole Coltrane – John Coltrane

  1. word… this album is a classic no doubt. freddie hubbard’s solo on Aisha? trumpet heaven. incredible how Trane plays so many notes, and yet none of them are superfluous, his phrasing was UNIQUE

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